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The first, and most obvious one, is that you get to reach a new (and hopefully large) audience of people you wouldn’t normally get to.

It also provides an opportunity for our readers to learn from your knowledge and experiences.

Some of the largest independent news sites rely on guest posts, including Mashable and the Huffington Post, becoming a growing trend in the news industry. Having a variety of viewpoints is one of the best ways to provide balanced content.

Please review this entire page before submitting an idea or post to be published. We have a few recommendations and requirements, but we still want to make it easy to get your story told.

We will try to respond to each request as quickly as we can, but due to time constraints, we may not be able to provide feedback on articles we feel do not fit our readership’s interests.

The first step would be to reach out, letting us know that you are interested in submitting a guest post. Send us a quick email with your idea or draft and a little background about yourself (it doesn’t have to be long).

Don’t worry if you are new to this, we are more than willing to guide you along the way.

If you have already written the complete article, great, but it is not required when sending in your idea. We actually recommend that you discuss the post with us first to make sure it is a topic that will appeal to our readership.

After your finalized contribution has been submitted, it will then go through our editorial process to fix any errors and we will work with you on any adjustments we feel may be necessary for the article.

Once the article is edited and approved, our team will handle the publishing and layout process. You will then be contacted with the details on when your piece will be published.

Some Pointers:

Guest posts generally run about 500 to 1000 words. If you feel that a longer piece would better serve your topic, we can discuss the option of a feature.

Be clear and to the point. You are free to take a side on an issue and stir discussion.

While guest writing can act as a tool to gain readership to your own site, avoid writing a piece that is purely self-promotional. This is not a free advertisement.

Topics To Get Started:

What you want to write about is 100% up to you, but if you’re looking for some ideas, we’ve come up with some topics for you to consider:

Fishing Topics


Fish Recipes

Fishing Travel Spots

New Fishing Products

How To Fishing Related Tips

Boating Safety




We are a visual medium and we require that every article we publish has at least one photo.

Photos and graphics not only draw attention to an article, but it can also go a long way in making your point(s) more clear.

Articles running under 700 words can get by with only one image, but we recommend additional imagery for longer pieces. If you are unsure on how many photos or graphics to include, we would be happy to offer advice on what may work best.

You must have proper rights to republish any images, whether they are photos or graphics, with your article and must provide us with proper clearance to use it. If it is not an image you created yourself, you will need to obtain permission from the original rights holder. Our team can offer assistance with finding photos and obtaining the rights to use it if needed.

Technical Requirements:

Your photo or graphic must be a minimum size of 1920 pixels wide by 800 pixels high and maintain a 16×9 aspect ratio. Larger images are accepted, but will be cropped if the aspect ratio does not match.

If there are additional images used in your article, these size and aspect ratio requirements only apply to the main image.

We will accept the following file types: .jpeg, .png,

You don’t need to be an expert writer with years of experience and a fancy degree or have a website. While experience is a plus, we are happy to welcome first time writers. However, contributions that require more than basic grammatical and sentence structure editing will not be published.

We do not provide compensation for guest posts on, though you will be fully credited for your work and will be given a space at the end of your piece to provide a short bio, including links to your website and social media sites that you may want to direct readers to. This is a common protocol for guest posting online. It is seen as a free way to grow your exposure and audience.

While we would be thrilled to see you contribute on a semi-regular basis, this is not expected of you. We accept one-time contributions.
We also do not impose any tight deadlines, so there is no pressure to get an article written by a certain time. When you have an idea, and the time to write, just let us know.

While we recommend original articles written exclusively for use on, we will still consider publishing a piece you have already written for your own site. We ask that you not submit the same article to other websites as it will negatively impact rankings on search engines for each site. You retain full rights to your work though.