Business Listing Form Instructions


It only takes a few steps to create your listing on You’ll need less than 5 minutes to fill in the bare essentials for your listing and check out.  Then you can go back into your account dashboard to complete your listing with photos, video, FAQ, awards, certifications, and more.


Let’s Get Started:

If you are not already a registered user of, click on “Join Now” at the top right of any page. You can now add a Username and email that you will use to login when using our site. If you are already a registered user of, login to your dashboard now and select Add Listing from there.. or at the top of any page.

Business Listing – How To Add Your Business Listing:

As stated above, Join or log in by clicking on the top right of any page. The first step is to gather the assets you need to complete your profile: a logo, at least 5 great photos – JPG works best – a description of your products or services, and Frequently Asked Questions. Fill out the required fields for your business profile. Enter your business name, then add the Tag Line for your business. If you are already a registered user, our system will use the email associated with your account. Then type the name of your city or town – making sure to use this format: city, comma, space, and state abbreviation. When you see the correct city or town pop up, click on it.  Then start typing your address into the Full Address field and let Google Maps auto-populate. Don’t overwrite what comes up in Google. If the Google address looks wrong, you can go to manual coordinates and use the drop pin.  This address allows site visitors to find you on our map feature. If you don’t want to share your street address, use the Full Address field to enter the name of your town, county, region, or state. Add the phone number for your business. Add your Business hours or leave the default hours as shown. Now choose the Category for your business, if any features appear under the categories you may choose which ones are associated with your business. * You may choose more than one Category but Do not choose Categories that are not associated with your business to avoid your listing not be published. Currency, as an option you can state the area of pricing for your business. Description, share it with the AnglersHookup community in your detailed description.  When filling out the detailed description field, be sure to either type your text or copy-paste it from an unformatted source.  Material pasted directly from a webpage or formatted document will not format properly in the form.  For best search results, include keywords and make your description at least 300 words long. Be as detailed as possible so that you provoke customers to contact you. Frequently asked questions is a great place to highlight something you want users to know about your business. Type in the question in FAQ then type the answer in the next box. Click the + button to repeat adding more. Add social media URLs to link to all your active sites. * If you have social sites but do not keep them active or up to date, it’s best to leave them off. You can always add it later. Add tags and keywords to help you get found in searches. You can add a URL for your Youtube or Vimeo video that will be featured at the top of your listing. Test the link after you publish the video to be sure it works. It’s important to use the URL from the video and not the URL from the YouTube share button. Videos are great SEO for your business Our site is full of beautiful images, and your listing displays photos in several ways. Upload multiple photos by dragging and dropping them into the images field.  This is where you can add your logo. We recommend five or more photos here so that they will fill the gallery display on the header of your listing. Use the Browse button below the images field to add a featured photo. Choose your favorite of the photos you uploaded to your gallery.  This photo will appear wherever your listing displays on the site as a card – on the homepage, in category pages, search results, and ads. This is the place where you can upload a featured promotion for an upcoming event or special offer.  We advise against using your logo here – it will display better in the header gallery area. Add or edit your Business logo. NOTE – additional features like Adding Events, Announcements, Deals and Coupons, Ad Campaigns, Option to setup Bookings plus more can all be done in your User Dashboard later.

Save, Preview, & Publish

Next, click on Preview, then click Publish in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.
You’ll want to visit your dashboard frequently to update your page, check user engagement analytics, read and respond to reviews and inbox for leads, and create ad campaigns. Update your listing as seasons change, when you offer a new product or service, or when you announce an event. Let your friends and fans know you’re part of our community. Share your listing on social media, send out the press release, and post your listing on your website.

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